About David Wu

I was born and raised in the city of San Francisco. I’m a product of the inner-city school system and two immigrant parents. People tell me that’s rare. My life experiences have helped me create a very unique perspective on life and has helped me develop compassion for all people. I’m blessed.

I’ve studied at the University of California – Berkeley, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and a former student of a school that’s turned education upside down, Hack Reactor.

I’m a person of many passions. At the top of my list are: technology (specifically web technologies), personal finance, fantasy sports – football and basketball, strategy board games, hiking, snowboarding, telling corny and cheesy jokes, puns, and bringing funny and inspirational people together.

Things I Do to Be Better Than the Person I Was Yesterday:

1. Start my week off listing three thing that I am grateful for in my life/went well for me in the previous week.

2. Being a giver – give a few dollars to the needy, surprising people with healthy snacks and fruit, topping people’s weeks off with a bottle of wine, but most importantly, trying to put together experiences – to go out into the world and do things with people. The material things fade, but experiences last forever.

3. Praise people for their effort as opposed to their abilities,¬†and making failure acceptable. I firmly believe that those that don’t fail are those that never try.

4. Visualize myself doing practical steps to achieve something rather than fantasize about dreams becoming a reality.

5. Think about the problems that I want to tackle in this world and solutions to them. Brainstorm.


Trivial Facts About WuWoot:

1. I go through 2-3 green tea bags a day. My favorite: Kirkland Ito En Matcha

2. Settlers of Catan is my board game of choice

3. I attempt to do yoga only because I’ve seen an 80-year old women doing break-dance moves I used to do